Marblehead Sport Shop “Good Sport” Dividend Rewards Program

    Welcome to the Marblehead Sport Shop “Good Sport” Dividend Rewards Program - a program that rewards you as well as the leagues you support. As a “Good Sport”, you will receive a $20 gift card for every $200 of qualifying purchases. Not only will you be receiving awards for your purchases, but you will have the choice of donating 5% of qualifying purchases to up to three of your favorite leagues and organizations! 

“Good Sport” Dividend Rewards Program FAQs

How Do I Earn an Annual Dividend? 

    Every member of the “Good Sport” Dividend Rewards Program will receive a $20 gift card, for every $200 worth of qualifying purchases. Qualifying purchases include: all regular retail sales, special orders, Skate Cards, etc. Additionally, 5% of each qualifying purchase can be split between up to three leagues or organizations the member can choose, although this is not required. Discounted orders and gift cards are not included. If we forget, we ask members to provide their names, so they can receive points. 

Can I Retroactively Earn a Member Dividend on Previous Purchases?

    Yes! Partners can retroactively earn a dividend until the end of the quarter. 

When Do I Receive My Member Dividend?

    Every quarter, reports will be emailed to members, leagues, and organizations. Gift cards will be produced then, and stored at the counter until pickup. An email will be sent to qualifying partners notifying them.

How Can I Spend My Quarterly Dividend?

    Partners will receive a $20 gift card for every $200 in purchases. This will redeemable at The Marblehead Sports Shop only, but can be gifted or donated. Rewards cannot be exchanged for cash.

What Else is Included in The “Good Sport” Dividend Rewards Program?

    As part of the “Good Sport” Dividend Rewards Program, members will receive an email from us every three weeks. This email will give the member access to pre-order information, new products, special deals, etc. before anyone else!

Will My Points Reset Every Quarter? 

    Accrued points never expire. However, the gift card will expire seven years after issue, as per Massachusetts state law. 

How Will Returns Affect My Points?

    When a member returns a product, the points earned from that purchase will be deducted. If a member chooses store credit, points will not be deducted.